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Overview of the Sino-Contemporary Dance Technique


This course is designed for students of all technical levels with the ability to adapt Eastern body aesthetics with three body curves, the ​center of gravity moving close to the ground, and internal energy. In this course, students will learn how to use the ​internal breath to control physicality and expand their movement capabilities, which will aid in their artistic growth as performers. Personal movement style and performance is strongly emphasized.

Exploring the Essence of Sino-Contemporary Dance Technique


As a Chinese American choreographer and esteemed professor, Xiang has dedicated years to the meticulous research and intricate comparison of traditional and contemporary dance forms. His artistic vision serves as an elegant bridge, seamlessly merging the quintessential Asian kinetic aesthetics with the nuanced techniques of Western contemporary dance. Xiang's unique approach incorporates elements from Chinese classical dance, martial arts, and folk dance, resulting in a poignant reflection of the profound Chinese body aesthetics.


Xiang's pioneering efforts have led to the creation of Sino-Contemporary, a groundbreaking dance training system that draws inspiration from Chinese Han and Tang classical dance, martial arts, and various Asian dance aesthetics. This innovative system harmoniously melds techniques from Western traditional modern dance and contemporary dance, while integrating the latest patterns of animal flow movement. Central to Sino-Contemporary is the accentuation of the body's three curves, the cultivation of a low center of gravity, and the harnessing of internal energy, known as Qi. Dancers under Xiang's guidance learn to employ deep internal breathing techniques to govern their physicality, projecting their movements seamlessly into space. Xiang's ultimate aspiration is to propel Chinese traditional body aesthetics to the forefront of the global dance arena in the 21st century.


This course is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate students of all technical proficiency levels. It facilitates the assimilation of Eastern bodily aesthetics characterized by the mastery of three distinct body curves, a deliberate proximity of the center of gravity to the ground, and the adept manipulation of internal energy, all within the context of contemporary dance techniques. Throughout this program, students will master the art of employing internal breath to modulate their physicality, thereby extending the boundaries of their movement potential. This expansion contributes significantly to their artistic development as performers, while fostering a strong emphasis on cultivating a personal movement style and a heightened aptitude for compelling on-stage presentations.

Xiang Xu's profound contribution, the Sino-Contemporary dance technique, is an exquisite amalgamation of traditional Chinese dance and contemporary dance forms. His work seamlessly integrates the graceful fluidity, balance, and control inherent in Chinese dance with the dynamic expressiveness of contemporary dance. This fusion is enhanced by elements of improvisation, release, and floor work, as well as influences from Chinese martial arts and calligraphy. At its core, the Sino-Contemporary technique emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the body and the mind, allowing dancers to delve into their innermost emotions and sensations, and thereby employing movement as a means of profound expression.


The technique, propagated through Xiang's teachings and workshops globally, serves as a testament to the harmonious amalgamation of Chinese and contemporary dance traditions. It represents an innovative and exhilarating approach to dance, epitomizing the rich cultural heritage of China while infusing it with the dynamic and expressive movements intrinsic to contemporary dance. In doing so, the Sino-Contemporary dance technique stands as an invaluable contribution to the evolution of contemporary dance both within Asia and beyond its geographical confines.


Suzhou City Excellent Dance Training Workshop 2023 
Presented by Suzhou Dance Association

Course Introduction:

Sino-Contemporary, the emerging system of Chinese contemporary dance, is the result of Professor Xu's years of research. This system combines Chinese Han and Tang classical dance, martial arts, and other Asian dance aesthetics with Western traditional modern dance and post-modern dance body techniques, incorporating the latest animal flow movements to form a highly valuable modern dance technique.

This course aims to cultivate students with advanced technical skills. Students are required to combine Eastern body aesthetics with the three body curves, approach the ground with a low center of gravity, and possess the contemporary dance skills with internal energy. In the course, students will learn how to control their bodies through inner breath, expand their movement abilities, and promote their artistic growth as performers. Additionally, the course greatly emphasizes the development of personal movement style and performance skills.


Registration Notice:

Course dates: August 14th to August 15th, 2023

Course schedule: 09:00-11:45: SinoContemporary Dance Technique Course

11:45-13:00: Lunch break (self-arranged)

13:00-15:30: Modern Dance Improvisation Course


Course arrangements:

This training class offers two registration options: "Practical" and "Observer". Students with a good dance foundation can choose to register for the practical option, or choose either option.


Dance Instructor:

Xiang Xu is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, dancer, and instructor based in Philadelphia and New York City. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and serves as an esteemed professor of dance at Temple University. With a remarkable career spanning multiple continents, Xiang has received numerous awards for his choreography, including the prestigious "Gold Lion" at the Singapore World Music & Dance Competition. He has collaborated with renowned dance companies worldwide and founded his own company, Xiang Xu Dance.


Xiang's work combines traditional Asian aesthetics with contemporary dance techniques, resulting in groundbreaking choreography that redefines the art form. He has also developed Sino-Contemporary, an innovative dance training system rooted in Chinese classical dance, martial arts, and other Asian aesthetics.As a soloist, Xiang has performed at prestigious venues across the globe, showcasing his exceptional talent and diverse repertoire. He is dedicated to elevating Chinese traditional body aesthetics and promoting cross-cultural understanding through dance in the 21st century.



Registration method:

Click to download and fill out the 2023 Suzhou City Excellent Dance Training Class registration form, then send the completed form to

The registration deadline is August 10th

Class location: Suzhou Song and Dance Theatre (No. 2, Qingyuanfang, Gusu District, Suzhou, 210 meters walk from Leqiao Metro Station, Exit

An opportunity not to be missed! If you love dance and have a dance foundation, join us now!

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Xiang Xu Dance

Xiang Xu Dance

Xiang Xu Dance
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