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                                                                 行悟集 Dharma XY

Established in 2019, Dharma XY focuses on researching the world’s minority cultures and incorporates them into physical motions with philosophical concepts. Dharma is the guidance of our dance project, which means cosmic law and order, the nature of reality, or phenomena in Buddhism and Hinduism. We strive to represent international and collaborative multidisciplinary dance films, and performances as a means to view old traditions into new ones and is never afraid to reinvent themselves.


Under the direction of Yun Yu and Xiang Xu, we believe that diversity can make our dance community prosperous. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from. We all have different cultural backgrounds, and this is the beauty of building our community with open-mindedness. Additionally, we need to learn how to respect people with many differences.


          The Journey to Myanmar 




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We Become What We Think



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