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                       Above (2017)

                     Commissioned Work 

     New York LIC Arts Open Gallery Motion

Choreographed by Xiang Xu

Performer: Xiang Xu 

Music by: He Xuntian 


Above it is empty between the spaces 

Above it is nothing between the bodies 

Above it is timeless between lives

               Musing in the Eye (2017)
                      Commissioned Work 

     New York LIC Arts Open Gallery Motion 

Choreographed and performed by Xiang Xu 
Music from: Ama, He Xuntian

Through your inner eye, the problem is suffering, the cause is ignorance, the remedy is waking up, and the path is living mindfully, meditating, and cultivating our wisdom. There’s really only one place all that happens: in our minds. The mind is the source of both our suffering and our joy. All things are impermanent. Everything in the universe, including ourselves and the thoughts that make up our minds, is in a constant process of change.

                Re-Becoming (2016)

                  Commissioned  Work 

                   New York University 

Choreographed by Xiang Xu 
Performers: Rajon Miller, Xiang Xu

The piece discovers the philosophy of birth and death. It focuses on the journey from human flesh to emptiness and how humanity plays a critical role in the existence of life with insidious situations that cause anger, hostility, and violence. 

Imperfect human beings need to be cleansed through reincarnation. Dead leaves are shown fully covered on stage with a human being facing decay. Originally, humans are made from emptiness found on Earth and we all have to face the reality between human nature and beastliness. 

This relationship will stay with us throughout our life cycle. We always want to know the meaning of life and how we play special roles in this unpredictable society. The only way we can escape from reality is to re-become. When humans die, the physical body re-becomes empty, while the spirit and soul lives beyond the grave. Ultimately, emptiness leads humans to their original home.

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