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                                                   XY Motion


XY Motion is a collaborative dance project based in New York City. Under the direction of Xiang Xu and Hyung Ji Yu, the project is noteworthy for combining different Asian philosophical concepts with bodily motions inspired by nature. Not only does XY Motion explore the creation and performance of a new aesthetic balance between East and West, but it also combines the internal world between males and females based on different cultural inferences. As a multicultural dance collaboration, XY Motion strives to discover inherent body languages based on social relationships and how these intangible movements play a role between humans and the universe.


XY Motion promotes and enhances the value of contemporary dance internationally, while creating a bridge for artists to exchange and share experiences, as well as an opportunity to bring the audience closer to the diverse expressions of contemporary dance. In 2017, XY Motion finished it’s first major contemporary dance piece and was premiered in New York City. In the future, we plan to collaborate with different artists and bring a new concept of contemporary dance to our audience. 


                                            Hyung Ji (Heidi) Yu

Hyung Ji Yu (Heidi) is an international choreographer, dancer, and instructor based in NYC. Heidi began her training in South Korea, where she received awards through competitions and a scholarship for Outstanding Student from her alma mater, Sejong University. After performing for several years as a ballerina of the Korean Ballet Theatre, Heidi relocated to NYC to study at the Merce Cunningham School and continued her studies at SUNY Purchase. Her studies culminated in 2015, with an MFA in dance from NYU Tisch, where she focused on pedagogy and choreography under Sean Curran, Gus Solomons, Cherylyn Lavagnino, Pamela Pietro, and Phyllis Lamhut. In the US, Heidi performed with Roxey Ballet and Albano Ballet Company and became certified in the ABT National Training Curriculum in addition to her teaching certificate in the Vaganova Method. She has taught and choreographed at Broadway Dance Center, New Haven Ballet, and Sacred Heart University. She received a CUNY Dance Initiative Residency at City College of New York for 2019-2020. Heidi established As Arts NY Dance in 2013, and has collaborated with choreographer Xiang Xu on XY Motion Project since 2016. Her choreography has been shown throughout NYC, including Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, Dixon Place, Bassin Performing Arts Center, and Kaye Playhouse. Her piece, "Bitter Roots," won NYC10 Best Piece in 2014; she choreographed the original musical “Enchanted by a Spell,” in 2015; and in 2016, she was invited to speak about her collaborations on TEGUS TV, NYC.


   The CUNY Dance Initiative                        Residency 


The CUNY Dance Initiative (CDI) is a transformative incubator that secures two vital yet scarce resources—rehearsal time and performance space—for New York City choreographers and dance companies across the five boroughs. Housed within the City University of New York (CUNY)–the nation’s largest public urban university system–CDI is a residency program that supports local artists, enhances the cultural life and education of college students and builds new dance audiences at CUNY performing arts centers.

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