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                      Misson of Xiang Xu Dance

Xiang Xu Dance is a New York-based company founded in early 2015. As an emerging dance theater, we focus on the fusion of Asian philosophies with western contemporary arts by merging new bodily aesthetics with classical Chinese movements. In the creation of this new definition of contemporary dance, we concentrate on bodily etiquette, traditional emotions, and expressions such as the three bodily curves, low center of gravity, internal conflict, and energy among many other techniques.


We have been featured in many dance projects throughout major locations such as China (Beijing Dance Festival), New York (NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Joffrey Academy of Dance, Merce Cunningham Trust, Palestinian Diyar Theater, Cambodian National Arts Center, The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance NY), Chicago (Deeply Rooted Dance Theater), and Los Angeles (Broad Theater) among others. Our future plans include collaborating with talented artists from many different art fields to create and stage new and unique performances.

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