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                   Auld Lang Syne Choreographer/Dancer/Editor: Xiang Xu

2020 is a special year, I want to dedicate this dance film to all of these people who died from Covid-19. I also hope everyone has a positive 2021. Our life still keeps going and we will never ever let anything defeat our hopes because we have full of love to unite us together.

The Journey to Myanmar Pilgrimage

        Choreographer/Dancer/Editor: Xiang Xu


                We Become What We Think



           Surviving During the Pandemic 

                              Danceworks Chicago 

                         Community Share Project


Choreographer/Dancer/Editor: Xiang Xu

My name is Xiang Xu, and I am an international choreographer, dancer, and instructor based in New York City. Today, I would like to talk about how quarantine has changed my life view in the past few months. Life is always unpredictable and sometimes you have no idea where life will take you. 

Being Or Non-Being

Choreographer/Dancer: Xiang Xu

The dance film about discovering self-awareness “Being or Non-being” gives the audience the ability to see and recognize the entities of themselves. The Buddhist Scripture “Diamond Sutra” inspired this dance film; it focuses on how the Secular society can influence us with desires. As mortals, our beings reflect all of our mental activities. Forgetting your being is the best way to return to the source of the Buddhist truth; we have to learn to be without the appearance of a self, the appearance of others, and the appearance of living beings. The three appearances represent different social relationships in intricate societies. Invisible body shapes linger around on stage with changeable footwork and fluent upper body movement; from being to non-being is the path to Nirvana.

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